All releases are available from


Currently it is a good idea to use the latest development snapshot. This will become 1.2.0 soon and is actually more stable than the older version.

Development Version

To get the latest development version you can create a git checkout of the repository using:

git clone

You can browse the repository on github where you can also download the latest development snapshot as a ZIP file.

See the list of Dependencies to get SDAPS running. The main development target are GNU based operating systems (e.g. GNU/Linux).

Ubuntu/Debian Packages

There are two launchpad PPA repositories that contain SDAPS. One contains the latest stable version, the other one the latest unstable version.

The packages are build for Ubuntu 'trusty' (only unstable currently, old ones are for 'precise'). The packages should work on other debian based systems.

Gentoo Overlay

There is now a Gentoo overlay to simply the installation of SDAPS on this distribution. The overlay is in a github repository. Please refer to the README on github.


It should be possible to get SDAPS to work using MacPorts. However, there are currently some unresolved issues. These should not be hard to fix, and you are welcome to try it.

See Dependencies for a list of packages that are required on OSX.


There are reports that the correction GUI is very slow on OSX. This is likely a bug in cairo. At least on Linux the GUI is very fast so that page switching is usually not perceptible.


There is no windows version for SDAPS. In theory it should be possible to get it running, but getting all the dependencies to work will be a big task.

It is likely much simpler to install a GNU/Linux distribution on the computer or inside a virtual machine.