Contributing to SDAPS

No matter what your existing knowledge is, there are always ways to further improve SDAPS. See below for some suggestions of what can be done.

Don't hesitate to write an e-mail or drop by on IRC if you are thinking about contributing!


Generally donating your time to improve SDAPS would be preferred, but not everyone has the time to spare for the project. If you would like to donate money then you can do so by sending it to the lead developer Benjamin Berg via paypal:


The documentation always needs some improvements. SDAPS has quite a lot of features and not even all of them are documented on this website. Others might be mentioned, but proper documentation is missing describing the feature and the ways that it can be used.

You could for example create a small example of the way that you used SDAPS. Or even start to write a fully fledged introduction to SDAPS, what it can be used for and explanations of how the different features of SDAPS can be used to achieve them.

Be creative, maybe you have an idea what kind of document would have helped you to get you started more quickly.


Translation Status

For ease of translations SDAPS is hosted on If you register there you can directly modify the translations for SDAPS and they will appear in the next release.

It is likely that the language is not yet listed in weblate. If that is the case you should notify us about it and it will be added. You can open an issue or write an email to the mailinglist or directly to

Note that there are two subprojects that should be translated:

  • master: This is the main part of SDAPS and is licensed under the terms of the GPL version 3 or any later version.
  • tex: These are translations for the LaTeX classes. These are licensed under the terms of the LPPL version 1.3c or any later version.

Contributing to the translations means that you release your contributions under the same terms.

Many thanks to the weblate project for developing this tool and providing it to other open source projects at no charge.

Extending/Scripting SDAPS

Maybe you want to use SDAPS in a way that it is not quite ready to handle? If you know python you can add the new feature directly into SDAPS. Or you can create some scripts to make SDAPS even easier to use.

There are some ideas on the wiki on the Future page. However, no matter what your plans are, contributions are always welcome!

Code Contribution and Bugfixes

Found an issue in SDAPS? You can report it in the issue tracker, and if you are up to the task even fix it yourself!