Ideas for future developments

If you are interested in helping with any of these developments, then please write to Benjamin Berg or drop by on IRC.

Common questionnaire description format

See also Future/LaTeX.

Some people started to work on a description format for questionnaires. Some of the features that you can expect from such a format:

  • Versioning information
  • Metadata for question layout
  • Metadata for data analysis (e.g. hidden variables)
  • Translation support
  • Automatic survey creation (both online and offline; e.g. SDAPS and limesurvey, but it is not specific to these)
  • XML based?

This project is not specific to SDAPS. However a close collaboration is planned so that SDAPS will work with it.

New/Improved LaTeX class

There are some shortcomings in the current LaTeX class (i.e. the layout is not flexible enough). There are some ideas for new features and changes:

  • Possibility to create LaTeX code from description file (see above)
  • Both horizontal and vertical layout of questions
  • Single/Multiple answer question types
    • Requires improvements in SDAPS internally
    • Single answer exported as one variable; multiple choice as multiple variables
    • Use circles for single answer and boxes for multiple choice fields (this is a metaphor that is familiar from computers)
  • Specifying variable names for the export (requires core changes)
  • A "no answer" choice for range questions
  • Standardized question type names. i.e. probably recycle the names from limesurvey.

Python 3 Port

The goal is to port SDAPS to python 3.x in the long run. There are some things that need to happen for this:

  • The C module needs to be either ported to the cpython 3 API, or to GLib to use introspection bindings.
  • The LibreOffice importer needs to be rewritten using python-uno.
  • The OpenCV based package ("convert", import of other image formats and camera image deskewing) requires python 3 bindings to become available.