Frequently Asked Questions

How can one use images?

The normal LaTeX commands will work as usual. As the image needs to be available during and after the setup step of SDAPS extra steps will be required though. The basic problem is that the given LaTeX file is copied into a new directory and the images may not be available then. The following ways exist to deal with this:

  1. Copy all images by passing –add for each image
  2. Place all images into a directory and use –add on the directory

The second option is a good strategy if you have more images. In the example below a directory called images is used which has one file called sdaps.png. The \graphicspath command is used so that the image can be refered to by its filename rather than the full relative path.

The SDAPS logo for the website is \raisebox{-0.8cm}{\includegraphics[width=2cm]{sdaps.png}}.
Required code in preamble:
% Do not add a leading ./ as that will cause issues under some conditions!

The SDAPS logo for the website is \raisebox{-0.8cm}{\includegraphics[width=2cm]{sdaps.png}}.

Using `graphicx` together with `\\graphicspath` to place images into a subdirectory

With that done, you need to run the following to setup the project

$ sdaps setup PROJECT_DIR questionnaire.tex --add images