Overview of Changes in SDAPS 1.1.10

Again, mostly a bugfix release. One thing to note is that if you are using small fields (i.e. choiceitemtext) is that single characters/digits can sometimes be detected as only dirty. So if you want to use fields with only a single character, then it is likely a good idea to fine tune the minimum size of writing and other aspects of freeform field recognition.

Important changes:

  • latex: Fix search paths (#63)
  • latex report: Fix formatting issues
  • gui: Fix broken display in some corner cases (#67)
  • gui: Ensure dialogs are on top of the main window (#66)
  • csv: Options to export recognition quality
  • Allow filtering based on string replacements for freeform fields (#69)
  • latex: Fix encoding issues for some special characters (#70)
  • latex: Allow smaller choiceitemtext elements (#68)

New and updated languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Dutch