Unstable release SDAPS 1.9.8


This release breaks backward compatibility in a few small ways. For example the “style” parameter of the LaTeX class was renamed to “sdaps_style”.

Also unrelated to this release but still noteworthy is that the LaTeX class has been uploaded to CTAN and has also been added to TeX Live. There will be a few more related changes to this so that SDAPS will pick up the system version of the LaTeX class by default.

Important changes:

  • LaTeX: Class now takes sdaps_style as argumen instead of style
  • LaTeX: Class will now always report the correct page count (#192)
  • LaTeX: Improve spacing of multiline choicequestion items
  • LaTeX: Disable header repetition in rangearray/markgroup questions (#21)
  • Fix issue with SQL schema (#189)
  • Fix issues with transformation matrix calculation (#195)
  • Allow adjusting corner marks in GUI (#194)
  • Allow running box recognition from GUI