PPA (stable) or PPA (unstable) and other Debian-based Distros like LinuxMint.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:benjamin-sipsolutions/sdaps or /sdaps-unstable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sdaps
Install the PPA for ubuntu or click on the instructions to build it from source under the tables.
COPR (unstable)
sudo dnf copr enable benzea/sdaps
sudo dnf install sdaps
‘sdaps-git’ (unstable) latest master branch via AUR

To install AUR packages we recommend yay. Install that and then type

yay -S sdaps-git

Gentoo-Overlay (unstable)

Install layman:

layman -o \ \
-f -a sdaps-overlay
We’ll try to bring it to you via homebrew. Github Issue #140
From Source
You can find sdaps tarballs here and the instructions down below.


General Dependencies

SDAPS has a number of dependencies. In some circumstances not all of them will be needed, but it is probably a good idea to just install everything.

general (including recognize):

  • Python 3
  • distutils and distutils-extra
  • python-cairo (including development files)
  • libtiff (including development files)
  • pkg-config
  • python-zbar for “code128” style
  • python development files

graphical user interface (gui):

  • GTK+ and introspection data
  • python-gi

reportlab based reports (report):

  • reportlab
  • Python Imaging Library (PIL)

LaTeX based questionnaires (setup tex/stamp):

  • pdflatex and packages:
  • PGF/TikZ
  • translator (part of beamer)
  • and more

LaTeX based reports:

  • siunitx

Import of other image formats (convert, use add PROJECT_DIR --convert):

  • python-opencv
  • Poppler and introspection data
  • python-gi

Debug output (annotate):

  • Poppler and introspection data
  • python-gi

Debian Wheezy/Jessie

On Debian Wheezy/Jessie you should install the following packages:

python-distutils-extra python-cairo-dev libtiff5-dev libcairo2-dev \
libglib2.0-dev python2.7-dev python-zbar python-gi python-gi-cairo \
gir1.2-gtk-3.0 python-reportlab python-imaging gir1.2-poppler-0.18 \
python-opencv pdftk # (pdftk or python-pypdf)

for the LaTeX class:

texlive texlive-latex-extra texlive-latex-recommended pgf latex-beamer \
# latex-beamer: (used for translations)

Other debian based distributions (Ubuntu, Mint) should have very similar package names. For some packages there are also alternatives:

  • libtiff4 development files instead of libtiff5
  • python-gobject instead of python-gi
  • gir1.0-gtk-3.0 or similar (different GObject Introspection version)


Clone the repo while installing the submodules with --recursive:

git clone --recursive

If you want to install sdaps, so you can use it from the general command line, then change in the cloned repo folder:

./ install

or if you want to run it directly from the cloned folder:

./ build