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Unstable release SDAPS 1.9.3


This is a bugfix release for the unstable release cycle leading up to the next stable release. With this release, it is now suggested to use the unstable SDAPS 1.9.3 release rather than any of the older releases.

Please note that the new LaTeX class is not yet considered completely stable at this point.

Unstable release SDAPS 1.9.2


This is a new unstable release porting SDAPS to Python 3 and modifying the data storage format. This release is incompatible to any prior release. It can be considered the first 2.0 alpha release though.

Overview of Changes in SDAPS 1.2.1


Important changes: Fix regression in questionnaire ID handling

Unstable release SDAPS 1.9.1


This is a new unstable release pulling in a lot of fixes. Please note that it is incompatible to the previous 1.9.0 release as the fixes to the class will result in the survey IDs to become different.

Unstable release SDAPS 1.9.0


The first release of a new unstable series is now available. This brings a lot of improvements, primarily with regard to LaTeX:

Overview of Changes in SDAPS 1.2.0


This is a stable release of the new existing unstable series. As the branch has long been more stable compared to the old “stable” branch this was a logical step to move forward. Also, most of the development has moved to a new branch and beta releases will now be published under the “unstable” series.