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  Sikshana Foundation

The Sikshana Foundation is supporting over 50 thousand schools in India with their programs, as part of this they use SDAPS in their infrastructure. In addition to this work, they are also cooperating with the Karnataka state Government on a State Achievement Survey (SAS) which has been run twice as of 2019. This unique data collection effort was powered by SDAPS at its core. In 2018, 4.2 million students from grade 4 to 10 were assessed for their performance in different subjects. Using this information, the Sikshana Foundation was able to send colorful motivating report cards with feedback to each individual student. In addition to this the collaboration resulted in valuable data for the Government of Karnataka to improve the quality of education in the future. For their collaboration with the Karnataka Government the Sikshana Foundation has been recognized as the “IT Backbone to Edu Dept”.

Newspaper Article from 2017

United States

Innovation Law Lab is a national collaboration of lawyers, engineers, and activists fighting for migrant justice. We leverage technology, legal principles, and community programs to promote asylum and fundamental human rights. SDAPS is core to our immigration CourtWatch project which empowers advocates to efficiently document, digitize, and analyze critical immigration court observations.

When we decided to implement scannable walk and call sheets at NationBuilder, we spent a lot of time evaluating different open source solutions. Initially what drew us to SDAPS was the implementation language, Python, which we were all familiar with, the accessibility of the codebase on Github, and the availability and helpfulness of the maintainer, Benjamin Berg, on IRC. After working with Benjamin on some changes we needed for our project, we deployed to production. For October, running up to the end of US elections in November, we were able to process over 22,000 unique contacts, resulting in saving hundreds of hours of volunteer time from inputting and verifying data manually.


Originally developed at the student body of the faculty of electrical engineering, SDAPS is used whenever there is a need to do a survey. Since its creating it has also been used by student bodies of other faculties and campus wide.

The TU Dortmund has a Uni-Film-Club, that uses sdaps for customer evaluation of what to improve in the coming semester.


The Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam is (as of 2014) using it automatically correct multiple choice examinations.


Research group DE5 - CIFIDEX of the University of Vigo (Spain) uses SDAPS for investigation purposes (automatic survey processing).

United Kingdom

GPTools uses SDAPS to help general practitioners receive patient feedback for revalidation purposes.