Ideas for future developments

If you are interested in helping with any of these developments, then please write to Benjamin Berg or drop by on IRC.

Common questionnaire description format

Some people started to work on a description format for questionnaires. Some of the features that you can expect from such a format:

  • Versioning information
  • Metadata for question layout
  • Metadata for data analysis (e.g. hidden variables)
  • Translation support
  • Automatic survey creation (both online and offline; e.g. SDAPS and limesurvey, but it is not specific to these)
  • XML based?

This project is not specific to SDAPS. However a close collaboration is planned so that SDAPS will work with it.


Because many people aren’t used to use the command line, we wanna provide an interface that can be used by everyone. Benjamin already created a proof of concept with the Django webframework for Python, that implements the baseline of features. It’s called sdaps_web and you can take a look at an older version here.

Right now it is heavily worked on. If you want to get envolved, just join our IRC/Matrix room.