Unstable release SDAPS 1.9.2


This is a new unstable release porting SDAPS to Python 3 and modifying the data storage format. This release is incompatible to any prior release. It can be considered the first 2.0 alpha release though.

Important changes:

  • ODT support has been dropped entirely (due to missing dependencies for Python 3)
  • Data storage has been switched to sqlite storing json serialised objects
  • Correctly calculate standard deviation (issue #111)
  • Updated LaTeX class with new features and fixes
    • Documentation improvements
    • Add \qid back for querying the current questionnaire ID (Paulo Matias)
    • Requires variable handling and auto numbering
    • Add range specification to choicegroup questions only showing certain choices
    • Improved layouting of sdapsarray
    • Allow setting checkbox count of singlemark questions
  • Add a few helpers for packaging

New and updated languages:

  • Norwegian bokmål
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Ukrainian