Overview of Changes in SDAPS 1.1.2

This release brings a lot of small improvements, but also some new features. The main new feature is the addition of a “convert” module, which can be used to convert non-monochrome scans into monochrome images for later processing. This module is also able to apply 3D-transformations as they are neccessary when the source image was done using a camera. This new module requires OpenCV. Note that using a feed scanner is still prefered to this method.

Other changes include:

  • LaTeX: Fix compilation of large documents (by suppressing position output)
  • LaTeX: Fix multicolumn items and cline at the start of choicequestions
  • ODT: Custom styling in answers and question is now possible.
  • Various improvements and fixes in the corner mark detection code
  • New “custom” style which can be used when customizing the behaviour of SDAPS
  • A PDF with annotations will now be created if there was an error during setup
  • An issue in the base dir search code that affected OSX has been fixed

New and updated translations:

  • Arabic