Adding Scans to a Project

Trying it without a printer/scanner

If you do not have a printer and scanner available, you can use the following files instead:

You will need to unpack the zip file. The contained directory is a prepared SDAPS project directory as created in the setup step. Use this directory instead of /tmp/project for the commands.

You can add scans to the survey directory that was created earlier. This is done using the add command. SDAPS uses .tif files as default for add, so you need to add the option --convert, if your scanner (like most of them) give you pdfs:

$ sdaps add /tmp/project --convert example-scan.pdf
- SDAPS -- add
Converting input files into a single temporary file.
~/example-scan.pdf: Not a TIFF or MDI file, bad magic number 20517 (0x5025).
Processing /tmp/sdaps-convert-abc123.tif

If everything worked fine you will see no further output. The new scan is copied into the project directory as 1.tif. If you used --convert then this is a monochrome version of the scan.

You can repeat this step if you have multiple scans.


Do not remove or modify the copied TIFF files. SDAPS stores information that references these files (i.e. it creates a record for each page). If you accidentally added a file, you can recreate the project and start from scratch.

If you run into errors, because of the page count of your pdfs, take a look at “Multipage Answer Sheets”.


The following topics are covered: