Exporting Data from a Project

Creating a PDF report

To create a PDF report with the results simply run:

$ sdaps report reportlab /tmp/project
- SDAPS -- report

It creates a PDF file report_1.pdf. Have a look at the file; you can also download the report that will be created for the example data.

Note that we can also do partial reports by using filters. Just a quick example (please refer to the rest of the documentation for an explanation):

$ sdaps report tex /tmp/project -f '_1_2_3 == 5'
- SDAPS -- report_tex

This filters for question 1.2.3 (ease of use of LaTeX) and the rightmost choice “easy”.

CSV export

Obviously sometimes it might be necessary to feed the data into another program. For this the CSV export command was created:

$ sdaps export csv /tmp/project
- SDAPS -- csvdata_export

A file called data_1.csv will be created in the project directory.

LaTeX based report

You can create a report that is rendered using LaTeX.

$ sdaps report tex /tmp/project


This command requires the siunitx LaTeX package to work properly.


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